Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pet Health Insurance

Your pet can't tell you when he's not feeling well-and even if you pick up signs of illness, he can't tell you where it hurts, or why.

So, just like every other concerned pet owner, you rely on your veterinarian to tell you exactly what's going on with your pet's health.

When your veterinarian provides you a diagnosis and recommends a treatment, are you financially prepared for the cost to help your ailing pet? Would it surprise you to learn that more and more veterinarians are suggesting pet health insurance as a financial healthcare solution?

In fact, nine out of 10 veterinarians surveyed recommend VPI Pet Insurance as their preferred pet health provider, according to a recent study conducted by ACI Research.

Committed To Pet Care

Why such a landslide ratio? Veterinarians strongly support VPI because they recognize the company's longstanding stability and commitment to pet owners.

Founded by veterinarians more than 25 years ago, VPI's mission is to "empower pet owners to make optimal healthcare decisions for their pets."

You can trust that VPI has your pet's best interest in mind: the company is supported by the independent Veterinary Advisory Board, which provides ongoing insight and guidance on pet health trends and practices in order to better serve your needs.

You might also find confidence that VPI employs 10 veterinarians and more than 60 veterinary technicians, each of whom take part in continuous education in order to keep up to date on veterinary advances.

While veterinarians can offer your pet the best healthcare, the majority hope that you'll be financially prepared to follow through with optimal treatment.

Indeed, 86 percent of those veterinarians surveyed indicated they'd like to see wider use of pet health insurance among pet owners, agreeing it gives their clients peace of mind.

The Value Of VPI Coverage

Dr. Belinda Lee of the Orange Veterinary Hospital in Orange, Calif., concurs. "I recommend VPI Pet Insurance to every new pet owner who comes through our hospital.

"I also point out the importance of getting health insurance for pets while they're young," she says. "I can't tell you how many pets have had to undergo huge exploratory surgeries later in life, and how thankful their owners were for having a VPI policy."

Samantha Gowen, a long-time client of Dr. Lee's, admits she'd go to great lengths to ensure her pets get the best healthcare possible. A pet owner for more than 18 years, she is all too aware of the hefty cost of veterinary care.

"I always dread seeing the bill," says Gowen, who waits in the hospital's lobby with her Lab-Dane mix, "but what choice do I have? My pets are part of the family, too." She relies on her VPI policy to reimburse a portion of her veterinary expenses.

The Trusted Authority

The trusting relationship between pet owner and veterinarian is built on compassion, understanding and confidence, notes Dr. Lee.

VPI Pet Insurance can help build that trust.

"I tell clients that VPI offers a financial solution," says Dr. Lee, who reiterates the importance of enrolling pets while they're healthy. "Don't wait until something happens, plan ahead."

Good words of advice for Gowen, who was relieved to learn that her dog's odd behavior was more than likely due to a strained muscle. "It's worth bringing her to the vet," she says, "just to make sure everything is okay."

Ninety-four percent of veterinarians surveyed consider VPI to be the leader in health insurance for pets, according to ACI Research. With nearly half a million of America's pet owners currently enrolled with a VPI policy, there's no doubt about whom the trusted pet health insurance provider is. That's why nine out of 10 veterinarians recommend VPI to their clients.

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