Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Friday, January 7, 2011

Scruffy the Stray and his story

It was a typically Tuesday at Gentle Care Animal Hospital until Scruffy came through the doors. A client of our's brought him in after he jumped into her car on Yates Mill Pond Road. We quickly checked for a microchip. Yes, he has one, but after calling the company it has not been registered. Poor little guy didn't have a collar or any tags. He was in need of surgery due to his eye being out of the socket. Lori, Erin and Julie all worked throughout the morning calling other veterinary hospitals in the area, creating fliers, and posting him on craigslist. Immediate medical attention was administered but we wanted to try and find his owners prior to performing invasive surgery. Despite our efforts, we were unable to track down his owner. Dr. Mallo decided that we needed to remove his eye to alleviate any pain that he was in. Sarah and Christine prepared him for surgery. Dr. Mallo worked through her lunch to help the little guy. By the end of the day on Tuesday Dr. Holman decided that our little guy needed a name. There were several ideas, but Scruffy seemed to stick.
Scruffy has recovered very well from surgery. Sarah our groomer gave him a good bath and hair cut. We have continued to work hard to find his owner. We believe that he is at least 10 years of age. He definitely had a home because he is in good body condition and is sweet. He is a little bit anxious and we believe that is because he misses his family. If you know of anyone missing a neutered male, gray and white, 10 + year old Shih Tzu, please contact Gentle Care Animal Hospital at 919-852-4386.

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