Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Lucky" Strays That Have Found Their Way to Gentle Care

Over the past week Gentle Care Animal Hospital has had three strays come in thanks to Good Samaritans. One of those strays was lucky enough to be reunited with her owner due to her microchip. Unfortunately the other two were not and both had injuries. Here are their stories.

On Tuesday July 5 a Good Samaritan brought a young cat that she had seen get hit by a car. The Good Samaritan at first thought the cat had not made it until she saw him move. She then brought him into us surrendering him to the care of Gentle Care Animal Hospital. He did not have a microchip. Dr. Darren Holman and technicians Chelsea, Laura, and Sara quickly attended to his broken hind leg. Dr. Holman placed a splint for overnight. The following day he set the cat’s leg and put it in a cast. This little guy tugged at everyone’s heart strings. He has been fondly named Tellie by Lori. Tellie is doing very well and is sweet as pie. Despite his awful luck of being hit by a car, he has found great care. We are hoping to find him a forever home!
If you or anyone you know is interested in Tellie, please contact us at Gentle Care Animal Hospital - 919-852-4386 or at

On Thursday July 7 a Good Samaritan, Joe, brought an injured German Shepherd into Gentle Care Animal Hospital. He had found her alongside the road. After a physical exam it was found that she had a broken left front leg. A microchip tracked her to an owner who surrendered her to Gentle Care Animal Hospital. Joe donated $500 for her care, but was unable to keep her. Through the hard work of Dr. Jennifer Parker and several technicians including Cheryl, Christine and Erin, a splint was placed on Casey’s leg. North Carolina State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital agreed to do surgery to repair her broken front leg using teaching funds. They donated a $2,500 surgery to help Casey! She went in for a consult and was immediately brought into surgery under the direction of Dr. Simon Roe on Friday, July 8. Dr. Toni Kwan and veterinary student Micah Woods also assisted in Casey’s surgery and care. On Saturday she was brought from NCSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital to Cheryl’s home where she will start her recovery. Cheryl reports that Casey is doing very well and has settled into her temporary home. She is showing her true personality and rolling over to enjoy belly rubs.  Technician Erin will also help foster Casey during her recovery.
Although Casey has been incredibly lucky to receive her surgery and hopefully some relief, she still has a long and costly recovery ahead of her. We are hoping to place her into a forever home once she is healed.  If anyone is interested in adopting Casey or contributing financially to her care, please contact us at Gentle Care Animal Hospital – 919-852-4386 or We will continue to update our page with pictures and updates on both Casey and Tellie!

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